All our confidence is in God’s merciful love!

With God’s help during these past months, we have been responding to the coronavirus crisis step-by-step in the best ways possible. We are acting for the good of all concerned, with a watchful eye on the safety of our most vulnerable. “Whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me.” (Mt 25:40) What is most encouraging to witness is how so many of the clergy and parishes in our diocese are using the approved options available in navigating through this difficult situation. Your efforts are to be applauded!

Here at the Catholic Pastoral Center (CPC), we have renewed our commitment to the priority of overcommunication. We want to serve, first and foremost, by cascading essential information and resources to all clergy and parish leaders and to reach out to all of the faithful. For example, Facebook has become a promising platform in which we can connect and build a sense of community, in formats such as Sunday Mass at the cathedral and the Virtual Parish Mission. Other examples are the two mailings sent out to all parishioners with ideas for study and prayer and special intentions for a Novena to the Holy Spirit. Also, the third issue of our Awaken magazine came out this summer with a focus on vocations. Last but not least, please check out site for some spiritual and practical resources for prayerful home study.

Now there is more to come. I have commissioned a Mission Team to offer direct, on-site support by means of a “Parish REBOOT” to move our mission forward through the transition period. We will utilize this time to further the goal of our mission, which is to reach out and build Intentional Disciples for Jesus!

With all else that is going on in the world, it is time for each of us to ponder the “Thresholds of Conversion” of Intentional Discipleship and to examine where we are in our faith journey. The Thresholds begin with Initial Trust, leading to Spiritual Curiosity, then Spiritual Openness, Spiritual Seeking and, finally, Intentional Discipleship. It is time to revisit our spiritual progress and ask whether our daily goal is truly to seek and enjoy our relationship with Jesus above all labors, above all worries, above all things.

Remembering that Jesus personally reminded Martha, in her own worries and labors, that she should turn to serve “the one thing necessary” (Lk 10:42), we should admit some of the ineffective practices of our past labors. This confrontation needs be embraced by all of us on a personal level, at the local parish and throughout the diocese. There are many ways in which we can do this and now move forward. The mission of Christ is being strengthened.

At the CPC, we are doing everything in our power to make possible the conversion of each and every person into a personal encounter with Christ. I want to invite and enlist all of you, each in your own little way, to help us bring forward this mission. This is the core criterion, the most important thing, the true purpose for all that we do. We must, can and shall become more clearly aligned and defined in this mission of bringing forth Jesus into the world!

Our Mission Team is standing by to come and assist your parish. Our confidence is blessed in the Little Way of St. Therese, through the hands of Our Lady of Guadalupe and in the constant care of Our Lord. Let us now reach out to bring forward the Church of God’s merciful love, in joy for the Gospel, through Jesus Christ who “makes all things new.” (Rv 21:5)

Please know that my prayers are always with you and your loved ones.