Diocese of Pueblo Representatives Stand for Life at the Colorado State Capitol

We the Diocese of Pueblo Denver March for Life participants began our journey at the Shrine of St. Therese in Pueblo the morning of Saturday, January 11. Within a couple of hours, we were dropped right at the front doors of the Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Denver. The church is beautiful in and of itself with its marble interior and stunning stained-glass windows, but even more exceptional with Christmas decorations. The communion rail balanced poinsettias for its entire length and the altar was outlined with lighted garland all centered around an enormous monstrance.

The Celebrate Life Mass was offered by Father Christopher Uhl at 11:00 am. He reminded us of the sacredness of all human life, that every life is a gift: not just the unborn, but those born with mental and physical limitations. When the church bells tolled at the Consecration, rather than the usual small bells we are accustomed to hearing, it emphasized the importance of this day. 

After Mass and lunch, we walked to the State Capitol for the Rally. The emcee was David Bereit, Co-founder of 40 Days for Life who welcomed us all. The powerful opening by Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila, Archdiocese of Denver set the high standard for all the speakers that followed. He spoke of being drawn into the pro-life ministry by witnessing discarded tiny babies after an abortion and he was compelled to baptize them.

Ramona Trevino was introduced as a former Planned Parenthood manager in Texas. She had an awakening after listening to Catholic Radio as the host was reassuring a caller that what he was doing was important and that God will hold us all accountable for what we do, or not do, for his little ones.

We had a short reprieve when we listened to the St. John Vianney choir who lifted our spirits. The final speaker was Maddie Haas who gave a pro-life testimony. She spoke of her crisis pregnancy when she was a Freshman in college and her struggle with making the decision to carry her pregnancy to term. The temptation to have an abortion was great she said and her family “would never know” since she was attending an out of state university. Maddie’s past participation with the March for Life and some spiritual direction from her confessor gave her the resolve to carry her baby to term. Her daughter was by her side at the Rally.

We were blessed with a sunny day despite the cold. The March around the Capitol began immediately after the Rally. It was quite the procession as the line of people rounded the corner of the next block. The perfect ending to the day was a quiet reflection in the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception just up the street from the Capitol Building. 

Contributor: Vivian Eickholt is a lifelong Catholic, married with two children. She is retired from the Department of Human Services where she worked as a Purchasing Agent.