Great Things Happen with Jesus

October is a month of prayer with the Church all over the United States, to bring back and uphold the Right to Life, the respect for all people, especially the unborn. All God’s children are created to have life and we all have that right to life. It is time again to pray and work for those who cannot speak for themselves, for unborn children to be brought into the world in love, good health, and the community of our world.

Something Great for Jesus

There are many great saints in the Catholic family. In particular, the saints that we celebrate this month are for little ones, for children of all ages. At this same time, Pope Francis has announced that the month of October is a month to pray for and celebrate missionaries, people who go to new places to bring the witness of their spiritual journey and their love of Jesus to others who have never heard of him.

Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, our patroness, herself wanted to do something great for Jesus, something tremendous, and heroic, she wanted to be a missionary, in fact, she wanted to go to Vietnam to teach the people about Christ. However, the doctors discovered that she had a disease called tuberculosis and that she must remain with the Carmelite sisters in her native country, France.

My Vocation is Love

Her life was to be short, and her mission was to become “Love”. As she said, “My vocation is the heart of the Church, my Mother, I shall be love.” Thérèse received the merciful love of Jesus, in her littleness, to do only that one most important thing, to love. And she promised to be a missionary to the world when she got to heaven.

She promised to send down bouquets of roses to the little children through her prayers and through their seeing what she could do, to bring little spiritual moments of love and encouragement into each of our lives. For what she does now, in heaven, in her little way, is to support all the missionaries. She is not only the co-patroness of the Diocese of Pueblo; she is co-patroness of all the missions of the Church.

To Be Like Children

God has given each one of us the gift of a personal guardian angel to watch over us. We each have an angel to be with us in our struggles, to support and accompany us everywhere we go. These angels, who are silent and invisible, are recognized only by those who make a commitment to be like little children.

This does not mean being childish, which is how some of the Disciples act when they are selfish or prideful. It means to be humble and to know that by ourselves, without God, we have no real power. But when we know of our humility and decide to spend our time and our lives for Jesus, great things happen.

Our guardian angels are always there, looking upon God, instructing us where to look. And whoever humbles himself as a child becomes the greatest in the Kingdom of God. Where we are guided, when we let go of our pride, we see the sweetness of grace, the spiritual flowers in our lives, we begin to understand how Jesus will rule with love in everything we do.