The Greatest Saint of Modern Times

As the Diocese of Pueblo becomes the Diocese of the Little Way, I have taken a special interest in St. Thérèse of Lisieux, and I want to share a truly wonderful and joyful occurrence I was blessed with shortly after praying the “My Novena Rose Prayer.”

The past couple of years have been exceedingly difficult ones for me and my family. Through it all, I have relied very much on prayer and God’s intervention; however, it never occurred to me to ask if what I was praying for was God’s will. On July 30, 2019, as I was beginning my workday, I picked up a prayer card that had been sitting in my office for months that I never gave much attention to. It has a photo of St. Thérèse on the front and the “My Novena Rose Prayer” on the back with a third-class relic. I held the card and prayed the novena, asking St. Thérèse to let me know my prayers were being heard and that I was praying for God’s will. Later that night, I walked into my living room and immediately noticed a long-stem red rose made of silk lying on an end table. I was in complete shock and asked my mother if she knew where it had come from. She said she had noticed the rose stuck behind a vase with flowers where it didn’t belong, yet she had never noticed it before that day and her first thought was, “I’ll just leave it alone.” But she said that instantly after that thought, she felt she needed to pick up the rose and put it on the end table. I believe my mother was meant to see the rose on that day and she was compelled to pick it up so that I may have my answer.

I have received the rose “from the heavenly garden” that I had asked St. Thérèse for, and I now know without a doubt that God hears my prayers and that I am praying in accordance with his will.

“My mission — to make God loved — will begin after my death,” St. Thérèse said. “I will spend my heaven doing good on earth. I will let fall a shower of roses.” For more information on the significance of receiving roses either during or after praying the Novena please read the post “Have You Ever Received Roses from St. Thérèse?”

I share this story here for others to read and to inspire devotion to St. Thérèse and help fulfill her plea “to be made known everywhere.”

My Novena Rose Prayer

O little Therese of Child Jesus, please pick for me a rose the heavenly gardens and send it to me as a message of love. O Little Flower of Jesus, ask God today to grant the favors I now place with confidence in your hands ... (Mention specific requests). St. Therese, help me to always believe as you did. In God’s great love for me,so that I may imitate your “Little Way” each day. Amen