The Heroes of the Church, The People in the Pews

The Diocese of Pueblo held its 2020 Communication Tour this past week (January 25-31). The theme of this year’s tour was “The Heroes of the Church, The People in the Pews.” In a letter to his clergy regarding the theme, Bishop Berg stated: “These days are far from easy for the faithful, and truly, those who are in the pews and who have not abandoned hope in the Church, are indeed the present-day heroes and the saints to be named by the Church one day.” 

The tour kicked off at Our Lady of Guadalupe / Saint Patrick in La Junta and ended at Saint Joseph in Blende. The tour included presentations at and visits to Colorado Mesa University, Saint Mary’s Hospital, Grand Junction, Holy Family Catholic School, Saint Joseph, Grand Junction, Mercy Hospital, Saint Columba Catholic Church, Durango, Saint Columba Catholic School, Durango, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Alamosa, and Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Blende. 

The school visits were especially joyful as they included the celebration of the Holy Mass with Bishop Berg, the children proclaiming the Word of God as Lectors, and performing a skit on the life of Saint Thomas Aquinas in honor of his Feast Day. Additionally, various grades had the opportunity to sign their name to a picture of Saint Thérèse of Liseux that will be gifted to Pope Francis at next week’s Ad Limina visit in Rome.

The Communication Tour is an opportunity for Bishop Berg to visit the faithful of the Diocese, as well as for the faithful to learn about the initiatives and offerings, and the state of the Diocese and the direction it is heading. 

This year’s Communication Tour topics included: How to implement the diocesan key initiatives (The Four Levels of Happiness, Intentional Discipleship, and the Amazing Parish) on the parish level presented by a panel of Bishop Berg’s leadership staff that included Deacon Dan Leetch, Director of Pastoral Services, and Fr. Matthew Wertin, Vicar for the New Evangelization, Dr. Seth Wright, Director of Missionary Discipleship; five tips for effective communication presented by Amanda Zurface, Vice-Chancellor; how to better align your parish mission and vision with the diocesan mission and vision, presented by Father Matthew Wertin; and lastly, Bishop Berg presented on the past five-year successes, struggles, and the future of the local Church. 

Volunteers were present collecting signatures for Initiative 120 at each Communication Tour presentation. Many came forward to sign the petition including Bishop Berg. Read more here. 

Those present expressed great gratitude to Bishop Berg for holding the Communication Tour and for his concern and care for the souls of the faithful in the Diocese of Pueblo. If you were unable to attend, you can watch the Livestream, as well as download the PowerPoint, handouts, and resources at Diocese of Pueblo Communication Tour.  

Contributor: Amanda Zurface resides in Pueblo, Colorado, where she serves as the Vice-Chancellor for the Diocese of Pueblo. She also serves as the Catholic Content Specialist for Covenant Eyes. Amanda holds a License and MA in Canon Law and a BA in Catholic Theology and Social Justice. She is the co-author of Equipped: Smart Catholic Parenting in a Sexualized CultureConfident: Helping Parents Navigate Online Exposure and Transformed by Beauty.