A Thanksgiving Message from Bishop Berg

Dear Friends in Christ,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Each day we may have moments of gratitude for our loved ones. This special day-Thanksgiving-invites us to look at that for which we are most grateful. Our gratitude is more complete when we extend it to our spouses, friends, parents and most of all to God. How do we extend this gratitude to God?

The readings for the Mass on Thanksgiving Day tell us of Daniel and his devotedness to prayer, even at the cost of death (Daniel 6: 12-28).

Prayer sustains us. Prayers of gratitude breathe life into us. This is how God desires to feed us, in prayer and in the Sacraments.

It is normal to doubt the graces of the Sacraments. The holiest of people have found prayer dry. For many it is difficult to go to Confession and attend Mass. If any of this resonates with you, I want to invite you to participate in the Mass this Thanksgiving Day. The best way to be rejuvenated in the life of faith and at the same time give God thanks is in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Give it another try and see how the Lord will bless you.

I will travel home to spend Thanksgiving with my mother and extended family and friends. I will remember you each as we eat together and enjoy the gift of one another and the love with which God has so generously blessed us. What will you give God thanks for this year?

In gratitude for each of you, a blessed Thanksgiving,


Most Reverend Stephen J. Berg
Bishop of Pueblo

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