Ultimate Social Distancing Survival Guide

Right now, we are all feeling the stress of isolation, uncertainty, and the loss of control that comes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing regulations put in place to keep us all out of harm’s way. But this is also taking a significant toll on our mental health and well-being. Below are a few ideas of how to maintain your sanity while also maintaining proper social distance.

  • Reach out to others. We may be required to keep our distance physically from one another, but we do not need to keep our emotional distance. Take advantage of platforms such as FaceTime and Zoom to connect with friends, family members, co-workers or anyone else in your life you think could use some quality social time.
  • Practice healthy boundaries. This could look like wrapping up your day at a set time, turning off your computer, going for a walk, meditating, changing into comfortable clothes and spending time with your family. This could also look like turning your phone on silent during work hours. Decide what boundaries you need and then practice them!
  • Utilize a schedule. Schedule, routine and structure provide a sense of stability, and help you to better define your boundaries. Find a rhythm that works for you and your family. Then, write it down and put that schedule somewhere you can see it.
  • Set realistic expectations for yourself and others and be flexible. The schedule you created is just a guide, it is not the law. Everyone is doing their best to adjust to new schedules and lifestyles including you and your family! So be patient and flexible if something doesn’t go according to plan.
  • Take brain breaks. You will be a more productive and generally happier person if you occasionally take short breaks from what you are doing to reset and refocus. Set timers to remind you throughout your day to take a breath and a break.
  • Have a sense of humor. Watch a funny YouTube video, play with your kids or simply laugh at the chaos you may have found yourself surrounded in recently. Whatever it is, find a way to laugh every day!
  • Exercise and get outside. We may currently be under shelter in place regulations but we are still free to go outside and partake in physical activity, so take advantage of it! Walk, run, ride a bike, play a sport or go to a park or playground with your kids (or by yourself, no judgement!)  
  • Practice gratitude. Take time during your day to acknowledge the many blessings God has granted you, even in the midst of suffering.
  • Incorporate prayer and quiet time into your daily routine. Masses may be cancelled but you can still connect with God through prayer. There are several online resources available if you are not sure where to start.
  • Take advantage of virtual counseling. Many counselors are now seeing clients via online. If you could use some extra support during this time, reach out and make an appointment with a professional. Below are a few resources to get you started.
St. Raphael Counseling | 720-377-1359 | StRaphaelCounseling.com
Colorado Crisis Services | 1-844-493-8255 OR Text “TALK” to 38255
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