Women's Health Protection Act (WHA)


Contact Your Senator to VOTE NO on the

“Women’s Health Protection Act” (WHPA) H.R. 3755


On September 24th, the United States House of Representatives passed the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) H.R. 3755, which is a radical pro-abortion the bill that would guarantee a right to elective abortion up-to the moment of birth. If enacted, WHPA would:

  • ·         Allow pre-viability abortions in every state with absolutely no restrictions or regulations.

  • ·         Allow post-viability abortions to be performed by “good faith” health care providers who deem there could be the potential of any risk, no matter how insignificant, to the mother. This amounts to basically a meaningless restriction for the abortion industry, and even more troubling, there is nothing that requires or even encourages the viable baby to be delivered.

  • ·         Invalidate the pro-life laws of individual states that have been passed by the will of its voters, even including laws that require reasonable things like parental notification and health and safety regulations.

  • ·         Allow for taxpayer funding and government facilities to be used for abortion.

  • ·         Remove conscience protections for individuals, employers and institutions like the Church that refuse to in any way participate in performing, providing, referring, or funding abortions.

  • ·         Allow individuals, employers, and institutions to be sued for violations of the WHPA.

Contact your U.S. Senator to VOTE NO on “Women’s Health Protection Act” (WHPA) H.R. 3755 at https://cocatholicconference.org/news/

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