Yesterday, I was excited to tell my wife something, but our baby boy was fussing and she could not follow what I was saying.  After almost 10 years of marriage and seven babies, I should know this by now: When one of her babies is crying, my wife cannot focus on anything else.

“Vocation” means “call,” but in order to answer the call, the one who is responding to the call must first be able to hear the call. I knew one lady who used to go talk to the dresser in her bedroom because that’s where her husband’s hearing aids usually were. He could not hear her because he did not have the ears for it. My wife could not hear me because her attention was elsewhere.

God calls everyone. God knows every one of us. God loves every one of us.  God wants the best for every one of us. And God calls every one of us to what will make us truly and everlastingly happy. The state in life He is calling you to, the way in which He is calling you into love of others and the specific personal relationship with Him that He is calling you to are what will, in the long run, make you the happiest.

For years, I couldn’t hear the call and thought my path to happiness lay in a different direction.  There were things getting in the way of me hearing — sin, attachment to my own way of doing things, attachment to what I thought would make me happy.  It was only when I truly committed to following Christ wherever He leads me and allowed Him to begin to take away those obstacles that I began to hear.

What is God calling you to? He is calling you to greatness, to belonging, to participation, to love. He is calling you to communion, to happiness, to holiness — and to the fulfillment of your deepest longings.  And it is a life of discipleship that helps you to hear the call.  Discipleship is cooperating with

Him in that call, allowing Him to do in your life what you can’t do. And this life of discipleship helps you to be happy in a way that nothing else can.

Commit to following Jesus as His disciple; learn to hear His voice in prayer; keep taking the next step that He asks you to take; and Jesus will lead you into the vocation to which He is calling you.  He is not making it hard to figure out — we are.  He wants what is truly best for you, what will help you to be the person that only you can be, what will help you to make a positive impact on the lives of those around you that only you can make.