Protection and Reporting

What should I do if I suspect a child is being abused?

The Diocese of Pueblo is committed to preventing harm from happening to any of our children or vulnerable adults. If you know an employee or volunteer of the Diocese of Pueblo or a parish or Catholic school within the Diocese has abused or sexually abused a minor please contact law enforcement and Diocesan Human Resources or the Vicar General. ​

Reporting an Incident

When a complaint of sexual abuse of a child or minor is brought to any person working for the Diocese, any parish or catholic school within the Diocese, he or she is;

  1. to urge the complainant to notify the legal authorities immediately and assist the person to do so if the complainant wishes;

  2. to call the legal authorities immediately after receiving whatever information has been provided, consistent with protection of confidential relationship and particularly that of the Seal of Confession, whether or not the complainant wishes that; and

  3. after having done that, to inform Diocesan Human Resources or Vicar General.  A Diocese of Pueblo Child Abuse Reporting form will be completed


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