Plunged into the waters of Baptism and drawn out into new life, we are
made sons and daughters of the Most High. God’s grace fills us,
restores us, and makes part of something much larger than what we see.
We are given life in abundance so that we can become fully alive in
the Blessed Trinity. What are we to do if we fall from grace after

Knowing our weakness, Jesus handed on to his Apostles the power to
forgive sins in his name. After his Resurrection, in the Upper Room,
he breathed upon them and offered them his peace. He charged them with
the responsibility to bring his mercy and forgiveness, healing and
peace to all those in sincere repentance. Thus, Christ established for
us a way to restore what is lost through sin – the Sacrament of

The healing power of God’s Divine Mercy through sacramental confession
is available throughout the Diocese of Pueblo. Click on the deanery
name below to see a schedule of reconciliation times in that area.

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