Examination of Conscience

Below is an examination of conscience based upon the capital sins.

• I have gone it alone, kept God at arm’s length, preferred to have it my way and said no to God’s providence.

• I have eaten too much, too often and have fussed about food.

• I have failed to keep custody of my eyes and my heart, toyed with myself sexually and been sloppy about my boundaries.

• I have envied others their power, their knowledge, their money, their things, their beauty, their relationships.

• I have been angry and intense about people in authority, my peers, my family and my colleagues.

• I have been whiny and complaining, demanding and short, manipulative and dishonest.

• I have been restless and downhearted, lethargic and passive-aggressive, and I have failed to love.

• I have been vain and arrogant about my talents and gifts, and played to others for approval.