Vocations Pilgrimage

Labor Day, September 3rd 2018
San Luis, CO. Stations of the Cross, Mass, and Food!
Author: Fr. Carl Wertin, Vocation Director

Most people spend their Labor Day resting from work, eating food, and hanging out at the lake or outdoors.

This past Labor Day, Monday September 3rd, about one hundred people mostly from parishes in the Grand Valley spent their day praying for vocations! It was such a beautiful event and we still were able to be outdoors.

The Vocations Pilgrimage sprung from a parish leadership team meeting flowing from the Amazing Parish work that has been taking place in our diocese since last May’s diocesan convocation. The event also keeps alive the tradition started by Bishop Arthur Tafoya of gathering the diocese to pray for vocations in the San Luis Valley. Though there was no extended walk of ten or sixteen miles as there has been in the past, the day did consist of praying the Stations of the Cross in two groups. One group prayed in English and the other in Spanish. The groups then gather together for one large mass at the Capilla de Todos los Santos (Chapel of All Saints) that is located at the top of the hill near San Luis and at the end of the Stations of the Cross trail. A collection was taken to support vocations work in the diocese in which over 600 dollars was generously given as a sign of faith in and support for the work that the Holy Spirit is doing for vocations in our diocese. Finally, all gathered at the parish hall in San Luis for a burrito dinner generously offered by the local Knights of Columbus council and many parish volunteers.

This event was supported by so many faithful, by priests and a deacon of our diocese, and the faithful parishioners of San Luis and Sangre de Cristo parish. Big thanks to Fr. Albeiro Herrera-Ciro, Dcn Price and his wife Jeanne Hatcher, and St. Michael and St. Philip Benizi parishes in Delta and Cedaredge for organizing the event; to Fr. Carlos Alvarez, Seminarian Williams Ospino, and St. Joseph parish from Grand Junction for literally bringing a bus load of people; to Fr. Andres and St Peter parish in Gunnison for taking part in the prayer; and to all others who took part in this great event.

There is much hope to make this event an annual gathering. Mark your calendars for next Labor Day! St. Therese of Liseaux, pray for us, pray for vocations!