Office of Development

Please prayerfully consider supporting the ministries and mission of the Diocese of Pueblo. There is first a responsibility to acknowledge and thank God for the gifts we have received. Then, we are accountable for how we manage and multiply these gifts that God has given us. We receive God’s gifts with gratitude and humility. 


Online Giving

The Diocesan Ministry Fund of our Diocese of Pueblo plays a unique role in allowing us to respond to the call to service as given to us by Christ. As Bishop I appreciate the sacrifice of so many that support our outreach and ministries throughout our diocese. Your participation in the DMF truly benefits those who may otherwise be unnoticed or forgotten, and importantly assists me in answering these needs. May we always be blessed in God's generosity to our diocesan family. Thank You for making this possible.  Most Reverend Stephen J. Berg, D.D., Bishop of Pueblo


About Your DMF

The Diocesan Ministry Fund is the main source of revenue that financially supports, helps strengthen and nourishes the many ministries and programs provided to all parishes and missions throughout the Diocese of Pueblo. The DMF provides the much-needed funding that serves over 100,000 Catholics in 29 counties that cover over 50,000 square miles.

Why should I pledge to the DMF?
Every time we say the Creed, we reaffirm the fact that we are members of the “one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.” We are saying that every parish and every parishioner is responsible not only for his or her parish but also for the well-being of the Church throughout the diocese and throughout the world.  READ MORE

Your DMF $ at Work

Building Up Our Church ~ 53% The faith of our current and future church is strengthened when we invest our generosity in religious education, sacramental preparation, hospital ministries, diaconate formation, and prison ministry. This investment also encourages seminarians to pursue with faith and confidence their vocation knowing that the faithful are providing spiritual and financial support. Grants are also given to Catholic Charities. Like every diocese in the nation, our Diocese recognizes the importance of supporting the church throughout the world. We fulfill our responsibility to the universal church by providing annual payments to the Colorado and United States Catholic Conferences, as well as the Holy See. Maintaining our Diocesan properties with insurance plans, legal transactions and upkeep of all facilities is vital to preserving and providing a fiscally sound diocese.  READ MORE 

Prayer Requests

Praying with and for others is an important ministry for everyone in our diocese. Please submit your DMF prayer requests HERE.

These requests will be placed in the Chancery Chapel and said by Bishop Berg at various times during the year. Thank you and God Bless!

Resources (Private)

Please login for a list of marketing materials and parish resources available for the DMF 2019 Campaign - HERE