Bishop Berg reflects, sets priorities for future

Bishop Pope 500pxBy Bishop Stephen J. Berg

This new edition of “Today’s Catholic” provides me an opportunity to reflect upon my role as your Bishop. For the past year I have been traveling, meeting and worshipping with you. I vividly recall being moved by the beauty of God’s creation as I approached Creede, the jagged mountain peaks of Silverton, the mirrored surface of the Blue Mesa reservoir, and the vast plains of La Junta. Meeting you at each stop, the members of my Catholic family, has filled my heart with joy and expectation for our future together.

I have grown to feel at home, embracing more fully my call as Bishop to teach, sanctify and govern. Allow me to share some background and insights which will guide me in the development of my role, and which will influence our future together as a diocese. In my first assignment as pastor I was given four beautiful rural parishes, which also included a fifth vibrant Hispanic community. It was there that I realized and accepted, through grace, that my immediate pastoral mission was to “strengthen families in holiness.” This insight, of course, arose from my own experience of a large family, and was indeed validated by the needs and response of those parishioners in those isolated communities. This single purposeful insight gave focus to my ministry and offered our communities a lasting connection to the mission of Christ.


Safe Environment

The Diocese of Pueblo firmly supports and defends the dignity and safety of every individual. We encourage anyone who has ever been abused by a person working for or serving the Diocese, a parish, a school, or any Church organization to please contact us.

Openness to God’s call

By Father Michael Chrisman, Director of Vocations

They spent their days working in the hot sun, mending nets by adding a knot here and there, and at times, even caught some fish. This was life for the hardworking Galilean anglers Peter, Andrew, James and John. Then everything changed when they heard the call of Jesus, “Come follow me.”


St. Columba School: A community in faith, knowledge, and service

By Kevin Chick, principal

The annual celebration of Catholic Schools Week is an exciting time. Like many schools, St. Columba’s celebration includes a week filled with events including dress-up days, the annual religion quiz bowl, a carnival, a teacher-student basketball game, and of course, prayer. More than fun activities, though, Catholic Schools Week is a special celebration of the theme: “Communities in faith, knowledge, and service.” This theme guides St. Columba in faith formation and evangelization, in academics and in service.


Diocese continues partnership with University of Dayton

By Sister Betty Werner, OP

The Diocese of Pueblo began partnership with Dayton University in 2011. During this four year period over 110 people successfully completed a total of 443 courses and received a certificate for each class taken. Some of these participants were men preparing for the diaconate. Others were deacons, and many were lay people who were interested in a specific topic offered by the university.


Spring Study Days 2015

By Deacon Dan Leetch, Director of Pastoral Services

The Diocese of Pueblo will once again host its annual “Spring Study Days” this May. The dates for this event are Monday evening May 11 through Wednesday morning May 13. The pastoral staff at the chancery is in the process of determining the exact venue, but the event will take place in Pueblo.


Msgr. Howard Delaney 1911-2014

By Sherry Romero

Monsignor Howard L. Delaney, 102, passed away April 11, 2014. He was born one of three children to Michael and Mildred Delaney on Dec. 11, 1911, in David City, Neb. He had a degree in mining from Colorado School of Mines, and a brief career in engineering before he heard the call to the priesthood. From 1934 to 1940, Msgr. Delaney studied at St. Thomas Seminary in Denver completing his philosophical and theological studies. He was ordained for the Diocese of Denver on May 18, 1940, which was two years prior to the establishment of the Diocese of Pueblo. Starting June 15, 1940, he served in Walsenburg and in 1944, was appointed pastor of St. Mary in Walsenburg, serving as dean of the Walsenburg Deanery. 


Holy Family Catholic School helps show students ‘the beautiful’

By Jake Aubert, principal

Holy Family Catholic School focuses upon developing an environment where students learn to encounter Christ as part of their daily lives while pursuing literature, history, science, math, and, above all, truth, beauty and goodness.


St. Therese celebrates all year long

By John Brainard, principal

The students and staff at St. Therese Catholic School are once again celebrating Catholic Schools Week recognizing their gifts of faith, knowledge and service. However, while planning the activities for the week one students asked, “Why only one week? We do this all year.” Listening to the discussion that followed among the students, I realized just how deeply our students appreciated the opportunities they have at St. Therese to learn, practice, and grow in their faith. Their conversations kept returning to three specific events that have occurred this year: mentoring of younger students, Vocations Awareness Week, and the annual Christmas party for children from Catholic Charities.


A New Year A New Legislative Session

By Jennifer Kraska,Executive Director

The 2015 Colorado Legislative Session began on January 7. The Colorado Catholic Conference (CCC) is the public policy and lobbying arm of all three Catholic dioceses in Colorado.


News from The Catholic Foundation

“The mission of the grants program of the Catholic Diocese of Pueblo Foundation is to extend the Gospel mission of the Roman Catholic Church across the Diocese of Pueblo in the areas of faith formation, stewardship formation, religious education and worship”

For the grant cycle ending June 2014, the Catholic Foundation awarded over $70,000 across all six deaneries. Here are the parishes, Catholic schools and other organizations that received grants:


The Davignon Family “We’re open to Life.”

By Ginny Revel

“What a beautiful family!” is a comment that Kelly and Mark Davignon have heard several times, describing themselves with their nine children. It gladdens their hearts, but they are quick to praise God for this accomplishment.


We are empowered by God to serve and share

By John Chavez

Consider your ‘hand’ or role in prayer, in God’s creation, in creativity, in touching the life of another fellow human being; consider the times you are touched by God. These thoughts can and perhaps should invoke powerful images. The work that we do and are called to do, as followers of Jesus, is given strength and power through personal prayer and God’s grace in our lives. Jesus willingly served and gave us many examples in which to follow. Jesus did not do the work he did with an attitude of “what’s in it for me?” and neither should we. Our society today is one which promotes a self-serving attitude.