St. Michael Church-Delta, remodeled and updated

By Deacon Price Hatcher
After nearly ten months of celebrating Mass in St. Joseph Hall, St. Michael Parish in Delta has returned to its sanctuary. On June 26 Bishop Stephen Berg rededicated the church. With Father Albeiro Herrera-Ciro, the Bishop blessed the entire church with incense and holy water. In addition to Bishop Berg, Fathers Andres Ayala and Chrysogonus Nwele were among the guests at the celebration. Following the rededication, the celebration continued with a dinner in the hall.

Over the last four months, extensive work was completed on repairing the foundation, upgrading the subfloor, rebuilding the handicap ramp, cleaning the brick, adding stucco, and painting the exterior. Drainage and the foundation were enhanced. The cracks in the 110-year-old plastered walls and ceiling were repaired and repainted. Issues with the pews were addressed to improve comfort and all of the lighting was replaced with new LED lamp fixtures. The riser for the altar was replaced and the entire church was re-carpeted with a tile entrance added. Improvements were made to the public address system as well as changes to the furnishings. The altar was moved closer to the congregation.

This all resulted in a more modern and comfortable worship space. Bishop Berg communicated his satisfaction with the improvements made to the church. This project is being funded by donations from the congregation, community leaders, and a Catholic Extension Society grant.