Pueblo sisters honored by Serra Club

The Serra Club of Pueblo honored the sisters in the Pueblo Deaneries at a dinner on March 15 during this year dedicated to Consecrated Life in the Church. We were also pleased to have two sisters from Capulin attend the dinner. The combined number of years of those invited totaled 800 years of dedication to their religious order and service to others.

The following were honored at the dinner: Sr. Emily Phelan, SC 73 yrs.- Sr. Joan Cain, SC 66 yrs. - Sr. Anne Baxter, OP 65 yrs. - Sr. Joan Hentges, OSB 65 yrs. - Sr. Ann David Wojtylka, SC 59 yrs. (not pictured) - Sr. Betty Werner, OP 58 yrs. - Sr. Joan Wolf, OP 58 yrs. - Sr. Johnette Sawyer, OSB 57 yrs. - Sr. Barbara Jeanne Krekeler, SC 57 yrs. - Sr. Nancy Crafton, SC 55 yrs. - Sr. Andrea Vasquez, OSB 54 yrs. - Sr. Mary Susan Remsgar, OSB 49 yrs. - Sr. Nancy Giarratano, OP 43 yrs. - Sr. Jean Glach, OP 38 yrs. - Sr. Annmarie Claire Kowalcyk, SOLT 2 yrs. - Sr. Mary Anna Cavell, SOLT 1 yr. Sr. Rose Ann Barmann, OSB and novice Terry Hicks from Benet Hill in Colorado Springs were also guests at the dinner.