Vicar for Clergy
Office of Vicar for Clergy
The Vicar for Clergy is both the representative of the Bishop to the clergy and the advocate of the clergy to the Bishop. He is concerned about the growth of all the clergy and the overall well-being of priests, both the spiritual and physical. The Vicar for Clergy provides for the continuing formation of priests as well as letters of suitability and administering ecclesiastical assignments for clergy.

The Parish Profile Report will be sent to the parishes on November 8th, 2021. The report is due at the CPC by January 6th, 2022 so this information can be utilized in the OCD and Vatican reports.  

If you have not received the report by November 13th, please contact Judith Waits: or call 719-544-9861 ext. 1100

To download the Parish Profile Report document click here.